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    About Us
    All businesses have unique needs and are looking for ways to save time, money and effort. By working with the NJ SEO Web Gurus, we cater to your specific needs and build around that, keeping in mind user experience, functionality and design. We work with businesses (large and small) who need a website that will help them better run their business and sell their products or services.
    When it comes to websites...
    We understand that people need options.
    We have a variety of website packages and prices. We will fit you into the package that best serves your needs.
    Responsive Design makes all of the devices happy.
    You too!
    We believe in moving forward with technology, that is why we build ALL of our websites to be responsive.
    We are a local NJ Company.
    With real people too!
    We don't outsource any of our work, and if you hire us, you will work directly with the people in our office.
    Looking to streamline your business?
    We can help with our custom application development.
    Website Development
    Custom websites, e-commerce, monthly plans, and WordPress.
    Custom Applications
    Streamline your business operations and enhance efficiencies.
    Graphic Design
    Design for all of your needs: logo, print, social media & more!
    Business Solutions
    Boost your online presence and simplify your business.


    Website Solutions
    The NJ Web Gurus have a variety of website packages and prices. We will fit you into the package that best serves your needs. It is our goal to offer a website solution for all types of businesses and price points.

    Web Development Services
    We have experience with high-performance web frameworks such as Symfony2, that were made to handle high volumes of users and to be extremely secure. We work in a variety of Content Management Systems, and can handle complicated web based needs too.
    Graphic Design Services
    It is important that the overall "persona" of your company is consistent across all platforms, such as in your marketing efforts, print collateral, website and social media. We can help create a fluid brand, which will appeal to your target audience.
    Business Solutions
    Your website is only one aspect of your online business success. We offer some additional services to help with your online presence or to streamline your business.