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    We understand the value of a website that looks as great as it performs. Our websites are designed with tools like HubSpot, WordPress, Squarespace and Bigcommerce. Our team of experienced developers and designers understands the value of inbound marketing, content management, visitor engagement, analytics and conversion.

    We, a HubSpot Certified Agency Silver Partner, is ready to handle all of your inbound marketing needs. We help you attract and convert well-qualified customers to your business. We develop comprehensive inbound and digital marketing strategies using a wide range of proven research, data and content-driven solutions.

    Our mobile apps are developed with a single codebase that can be deployed to Apple and Google devices. Our unified, cross-platform development approach employs best-of-breed tools like Ionic Framework for interface development and the MEAN stack to provide back-end app services.

    Mobile-Ready, Strategic Functionality, User Centric
    NJ SEO has years of web design experience, making us an industry leader. We have been around since the inception of site development and we are always staying current with the latest industry standards. Our website design not only focuses on a visually appealing layout, but also on user experience and functionality, which includes a wide range of features such as complex forms and integrated apps. All of our layouts are mobile-friendly and optimized for fast load times. We work within a variety of CMS platforms like Drupal, HubSpot and Wordpress, as well as custom development.

    Website Design: This is How We Do It

    To kick things off, you’ll be partnered with one of our Project Managers, who will lead you through the on-boarding process. This is where we take the time to get to know you and your business. It’s also a chance for you to meet us and understand our project procedure. During the meeting, we go over your goals and expectations, collect some basic information, and then we are ready to get to work!

    Web Design and Production
    At this stage, your Project Manager selects a team of developers, designers, writers and SEO specialists. They go over all of the information collected during the onboarding process and start creating a production schedule and development strategy. Your Project Manager will be there to communicate with you throughout the entire design and development process and be available to answer any questions. Drafts of the site will be sent throughout this phase for approval or revision.

    Prelaunch / QA
    Once the design, development and content of the site have been completed and approved, we start getting the site ready for launch onto the internet. Before launch, we make sure that the site runs fast and error-free and that it is fully mobile-ready. We turn things over to our SEO technicians who will make sure that your site is properly indexed and ready to climb to the top!

    Post Launch
    After your site is live, we perform an extensive set of tests to ensure that there are no bugs or errors. Once we are positive that everything is running perfectly, your Project Manager will set up a time with you and your developer to go through a training session where you will learn how to operate your new website. If you want to take it to the next level, we can also get you started with Inbound Marketing where NJ SEO does all of the work!