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    NJ SEO

    Websites / Web Applications / Branding
    We don't only make websites or web applications, but that is our specialty. NJ SEO is a web technology firm that specializes in the creation of custom websites, online marketing, web-based applications, and social media marketing. Our clients see the importance of having integrated NJ SEO that add value to their organizations and provide an excellent return on investment.

    Website Development
    The core of our business, designing and developing custom websites for all industries, large and small.

    The Kitchen (CMS)
    Manage your own website with our custom designed CMS, we call it "The Kitchen". You are in control of your content. We make it look awesome.

    Responsive Websites
    Designing for all platforms is a must today enhancing visitors experience on smart-phones, tablets and desktops.

    Need print material for your next tradeshow, perhaps a booth designed? Maybe your menu needs a facelift.

    Do you need a new logo? Don't have a logo? We listen to our clients then create branding to suit your image. All branding is based around your logo.

    Social Media / Marketing
    Did you say Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+? We can help you create and manage your social media platforms, reaching more clients.

    Google AdWords
    Whether you’re looking to get more clicks to your website, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or get an edge on your competition, we can help.

    Website Hosting
    We provide hosting for all of the websites we create, allowing you the peace of mind that we are only a phone call away.

    Search Engine Optimization
    In this day and age, people need to be able to find you. A well-optimized search engine friendly website will help reach more customers.

    Our Design Process
    Our Design Process – each web design project is different, but the process to create a great website is the same:

    We learn about your business, goals, industry and competition..

    Our designers take the information gathered to create a unique custom website design incorporating what we learned.

    Our website is programmed using the latest technologies, using your content to create a fully-functional website.

    We test your website to make sure everything is working properly, then we launch your new website, for the world to see.

    The NJ SEO team is always here to help you with your website updates.