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    NJ SEO
    NJ SEO has the skills and passion needed to grow your business, and attract more clients. We’ve found that focusing on desired outcomes instead of tracking billable hours always moves the needle farther, faster. We never make excuses, or deliver less that what we promise. We price our Washington Township SEO at levels that provide room for creativity – and plenty of room for ROI. Were experts in awesome.

    NJ SEO has designed, developed, and launched dozens of fully developed, aesthetically appealing websites. A great user experience centered design is only part of our whole vision. Our web design Washington Township experts start each project by working with you to define a clear set of objectives and goals that we use as the foundation, as we craft unique and engaging websites, web apps, and mobile solutions. All of our website development is backed with a powerful content management system (CMS). Our web design Washington Township will give you the power to increase leads and maximize your online potential.

    We develop websites to be mobile friendly, and multi-device friendly. Your website code adapts your design for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

    Our websites are managed, updated, and secure with an easy to use back-end through custom WordPress content management system (CMS) development .

    We communicate with you, and keep you up to date throughout all stages of your web design project. At NJ SEO, we know if you succeed, we succeed.

    Washington Township Website Design Process
    Each step in our web project process is crucial in creating a platform that will serve the unique needs of your business. Our web development process is critical in developing a website that will generate new leads. A proper digital solution is similar to building a house, without a solid, planned foundation you are doomed from the start. This initial phase is where we not only decide on the feel and color pallet, but also begin to dig deep into the needs of your business and the mind of your ideal customer. We start our web projects with the ultimate goal of placing you in a position from which you can convert your website visitors into customers. Here at NJ SEO web design Washington Township, we are armed with experienced and professional designers who handle all aspects of web; from the conversion strategy, to re-marketing channels, our team can handle all of your websites needs. We believe a great digital project is more than just adding amazing pictures on your website. We pay attention to every detail in order to create the most effective, up to date, user friendly digital experience possible for your target market.

    We don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” web design. When it’s time to chose a website design agency in Washington Township, picking an agency that can separate you from your competition and turns your prospects into profits is a must. We incorporate all the industries top resources in developing your website and seek to exceed your web goals. Call or email us today for a free no-commitment consultation.

    Web Design Discovery Meeting
    Gathering the necessary information is a crucial part of our Washington Township Web Design process. There are so many things that make your business unique, and we want to analyze your marketing strengths and weaknesses before we begin planning. After fully understanding your businesses market position, we can develop a successful digital strategy that delivers great ROI. Some basic information we use to understand your brand includes: your goals, your purpose, ideal target audience, competition, message, sales process, current marketing solutions, and you vision for the future. Our strategy team will ensure that your vision and the needs of your customers dynamically align for the best possible user experience.

    We will help you determine your short-term and long-term goals. Whether you want to gather leads, build re-marketing lists, or share information using your website, your goals will determine the direction of your specialized marketing plan.

    Whether you are creating an e-Commerce site or you want to be a source of the latest news, we will develop a strategy to position you as an expert in-front of your ideal target market.

    Target Audience
    We can help you find the the right audience that you need to help meet your goals. Common information such as interests, gender, and age will help our Washington Township Web Design team determine the appropriate style of your website.

    Regardless if your targeted audience is looking for services, products, or company information, we will present your content with a professional aesthetic

    After we have collected the necessary information needed to design your website, the next step is to begin planning. During this phase, our web design Washington Township experts will draw a sitemap. This sitemap is a list of topics and sub topics of your site. This sitemap will serve as the outline of your website page structure. Sitemaps are a great guide for determining the right content needed for the website. This is important in designing an easy-to-understand and user friendly website with a simple navigation system.

    Web Design Washington Township
    In the web design phase, we will start to create the feel and the look of your website. Your target audience will play a crucial role in our web design plan . For example, a website that is aimed at a younger audience will look different from a website of a financial institution. After creating the detailed mock-up of your website, we will provide you with a chance to give us feedback on the design. Once the website design is approved we will begin the development phase.

    In the web development phase, we begin to actually code out and build your website. The graphics elements of your approved mock-up will be broken down and rebuilt using responsive HTML 5, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript code. We will provide you an access to development link for the project, which gives you a real-time updates on the development on your website.

    Finally, NJ SEO web design Washington Township will make sure that your website functions as expected before we deliver. Our developers will put your website through a testing phase which resolves any compatibility issues, scripts, and any other user experience issues before your site goes live. We are so confident in our Washington Township web design services that we provide a 30 day warranty for all digital projects.