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    NJ SEO

    Integrated. Versatile.
    We are a hybrid agency.

    From identifying opportunities to execution and beyond, we work in nimble, multidisciplinary teams that are thoughtfully balanced according to the needs of each client and program.

    How We Work

    True Partnership
    We work for you by working with you. Clients join the team to help us effectively immerse ourselves in their business so that we can immediately get the route of the problem you’re trying to solve. We aim to give first useful insights within days, not weeks.

    Small Interdisciplinary Teams
    We keep our teams small, personal and high performing. Each discipline is available, empowered and involved from the beginning to end of every project. Meetings are replaced with workshops all in the pursuit of moving swiftly from abstract to concrete.

    We believe in making the complex simple and the simple compelling. Our WA framework facilitates innovation and is built to work smarter, faster and effectively.

    Research & Strategy
    Research & strategy is the beginning and end of our process. We listen, learn, strategize, and then optimize. We get straight to work by developing a rich understanding of your business and landscape. Our research methods are suited to each program in order to observe audience behavior and uncover meaningful insights. A tailored executional plan will outline how we will marry your business objectives with your audience’s needs.

    • Stakeholder workshops
    • Competitive analysis
    • Consumer research
    • Platform audit
    • Analytics analysis
    • Integrated campaign strategy
    • Social channel strategy
    • Product strategy
    • Dashboard & system reporting strategy

    Experience Design & Prototyping
    The measure of success can live or die in the details of crafting the optimal experience towards any given audience member across any given device. We take a step back and identify the entire journey a person goes through when interacting with your business. This involves making nuanced decisions across architecture, design, interaction and communication that will determine how the site will look, feel, and react in the pursuit of the optimal customer experience.

    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Information Architecture
    • Responsive Wireframing
    • Low fidelity prototyping
    • Ideation & Concept Development
    • Interface Design
    • Interaction Design
    • Visual Design
    • Platform Design
    • Branded pattern library

    Everything we do is powered by technology, and our technical acumen is diverse and platform agnostic. Our approach is a combination of both creative and strategic technologies that come together to solve problems, create unique solutions and move our client’s business forward. Whether it’s building responsive websites, native applications, product configurators or enterprise platforms, our work is always built for self-governance, performance, and scale.

    • Responsive website development
    • Systems integration
    • E-commerce
    • Native Mobile / Tablet Applications
    • Server-side
    • Dashboard development & reporting
    • Product configurators
    • Enterprise platforms
    • Enterprise reporting systems
    • In-store applications

    Analytics & Usability Audit
    The best technologies are intuitive. This doesn’t happen without leveraging analytics and observing behavior. Often time’s consumers find new and unexpected ways to interact with a digital product. Our insight-driven approach puts our clients at the center in understanding what their customers do, why they do it, when and where. Actionable reporting and recommended executional plans are delivered in days, not weeks.

    • Website analytics
    • Application analytics
    • UX and funnel analysis
    • Expert audit
    • Guerilla user testing
    • Focus groups
    • Exploratory testing
    • Usability surveys
    • Test case execution
    • Survey reporting