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    Web design & development
    We specialize in building sophisticated web applications that work on all devices and integrate with other software, databases and services. We can help you to create your next app, integrate your website with your database and reduce workload through automation.

    Web design
    We design, build and grow progressive web applications, phone apps and online software for organizations who want a solution that works and provides a ROI.

    We partner with organizations that want to transform for digital adoption, change processes, build exciting new products & platforms, create digital services and design new applications that reduce workload, trim costs and give them a competitive advantage.

    Our clients understand the value in good design and want to be unique. They aren't interested in using design templates or copying a competitor. They know that user experience directly impacts conversions and work with us to optimize and refine that experience.

    Be unique and don’t get left behind. Have a look at what we do and how we work, checkout a few of our recent projects and then call us to discuss your next project.

    We are great at building complex, data driven platforms that integrate with other web services and APIs to deliver more than your average website. If you are looking for an agency to build you a sophisticated solution, we are the team for you.

    Discovery & Planning
    Before we start any project we need to understand the requirements better. This is normally done through a kick off or discovery workshop. In this session we will explore your aims & objectives, your target audiences, your content or functionality requirements and ultimately what you are looking to achieve. This is a key foundation of building the right solution. It requires input and resource from you to ensure its success.

    User Experience
    We use tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and InVision to produce wireframes and layouts that form the basis of the users experience and journey on your website or application. We aim to create a digital experience that engages, excites and enables the users to do what you want them to do. To get this right takes understanding, experience and iteration. But it’s worthwhile. It’s the difference between a good and a great website or product.

    Our design process is firmly tied into research and user experience (UX). We want to make informed design decisions. There will be a reason that button is green, why it has a lot of space around it and where it appears on the page. All design decisions are based on what we know about your audience, what they want and what you want them to do. All of this works together to take them on a journey, sometimes this journey is manipulated by you to achieve your goals. Our design work is often delivered in the browser, so you can see and experience how it will work on various devices. All of our work is responsive, meaning it is just as great on a phone as a computer.

    When building a digital product, the best way to get the right solution is to build prototypes, iterate and refine. With the best will in the world and even with many years’ experience, things are never 100% perfect straight off the bat. You need to factor in refinement, improvement and continual evolution. Rapid prototyping in tools such as InVision and Sketch allow us to show how things will work quickly and without spending time building something that will eventually be scrapped. This is all part of the process.

    Our back end weapon of choice is PHP. Often in the form of Laravel for bespoke app development and Craft for content managed websites and e-commerce stores. For front end development we use bootstrap, node, and vue.js. For app development, we prefer native wherever possible. But sometimes work with tools like React to build cross platform apps. Working on an Agile basis is key to our development process.

    Sometimes you just need to do enough to prove that your idea will work and attract the interest of a big fish with deep pockets. We can help you to explore your idea, prioritize functionality and establish what is genuinely considered the minimum viable product.

    Consultancy for growth
    Hipsters might call it 'Growth Hacking' - But we're not really fans of hacking anything and like a more considered approach to growing your business. We work with you to explore opportunities that you have to reach new customers, maximize your existing customers and generally grow your business.

    Without reviewing our work and how it’s performing it’s impossible to improve. We use tools like Google Analytics, Hot Jar and Power BI to gather and crunch the data. This data helps you make the right decisions on what’s working and what isn’t working.

    Building a website or digital product is just the beginning. The easy bit. Quite often our clients need ongoing support, reassurance and consultancy to ensure they are maximising their asset, improving it in the right areas and achieving the best ROI. We have ongoing relationships with a number of clients that have spanned over 10 years. We have an honest and open relationship that encourages us to talk regularly about what’s working and what isn’t. We see no value in just running off an analytics report once a month - that’s a waste of our time and your money. Instead we focus on continual improvement and technical support.

    For development projects we tend to work on an Agile basis. Meaning we work fast, encourage changes in deliverables and iterate until we have the perfect solution. To get the most from this, you need to be able to make decisions quickly, be available for regular meetings and embrace the process.