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    NJ SEO

    NJ SEO is a web design company that specializes in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Django and PHP based web design and development services. We are passionate about unique, creative and functional design for small, medium and large businesses. It doesn’t matter what size your business is – we want to hear your idea and would love the opportunity to offer our services to see it come to light.

    We combine our technical and design oriented experience to offer a wide assortment of services in order to develop, integrate or revitalize your brand. Our experience within the industry allows us to develop a concise strategy to help your business grow. From the beginning of the project, we will work closely with you every step of the way in order to complete and establish your vision.

    Web design and development, especially in the busy market, is a constantly evolving and challenging industry. As a company, we make a point to adapt, learn and grow with changing technologies and best practices with design and development.

    Since the foundation of our company, NJ SEO has designed and rolled out hundreds of websites. Our knowledge, expertise and strategies have changed throughout the years. We are constantly striving to use bleeding edge technologies and methodologies while aiming to ensure the web design and development process is as efficient, stringent, viable and prudent as possible. Our web designers are highly skilled and experienced to provide you with the best service possible.


    NJ SEO provides high quality web design services. We strive to completely satisfy your unique web design needs and requirements.

    We will be there for you from the initial planning phase, to the project deployment. We provide concise project management until completion, launch and post launch, including maintenance and revisions.

    Design in general is definitely not an exact science. We adapt our strategies for every client in different and unique ways in order to cohesively work alongside the different team structures, collaboration methods and the overall comfort zone. Everybody is different, every vision is different and overall objectives that become the culmination of broad design strategies are unique to each corporate vision.

    We have designed websites for many businesses across many different industries such as real estate, law, automotive, industrial, architectural and food service to name a few.

    We work with many different content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal to build you a custom solution that meets your needs and expectations exactly. From inception to launch, we handle everything (including web hosting) to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

    SEO Marketing and positioning can be an extremely complicated process. There are many constantly changing factors that play into the complete optimization of your businesses ranking and positioning in organic search engine results.

    For all of our projects, we create a baseline SEO strategy to either integrate or complement existing marketing strategies. This includes keyword auditing & analysis, competitive marketplace analysis and auditing, positioning recommendations as well as existing organic ranking preservation with a top-down audit of the existing website as it stands.

    Search engine optimization is definitely not an exact science. Every quarter algorithms with search engine giant’s like Google and Bing are updated, adjusted and tweaked to fine tune and hone the accuracy of organic search results. We take an all encompassing broad strategic methodology where corporate communication, social signals, link building strategies and everything in between are on the table to get you to page one (and stay there).

    Our SEO services specifically cater to businesses. A concise SEO strategy from planning to execution would be a definite asset to complement your web design project.

    At NJ SEO we truly understand that your company logo is the cornerstone of your business’ identity. We have developed many logos over the years for many businesses.

    To start the design and collaboration process, we put together a high level brand strategy and design guide. This consists of color scheme and web font suggestions that will form the basis of the overall design strategy moving forward. We will collaborate with you every step of the way to revise and adjust the strategy as necessary until you are satisfied.

    Every brand strategy session is unique. We can work with existing branding as a starting point or start fresh with a clean slate. We would spend a considerable amount of time translating your vision and expectations into multiple brand directions. We then hone, revise and transition multiple brand directions into a single brand trajectory until it evolves into something that meets your expectations exactly.

    Our strategy from start to finish is to carefully construct a brand identity for businesses, large or small. It is something that we are immensely passionate about.

    Each project we encounter, large or small, typically will have custom requirements. We will go through all the development requirements and work with you to develop a concise development plan. The goal is to ultimately give you the freedom to prioritize your focus on what matters most.

    From a standard WordPress site to a custom Laravel framework utilizing a RESTful API with an integrated iOS/Android mobile app, we can do almost everything.

    Using frameworks like Laravel, Django or custom development with Drupal or WordPress, we can put anything together for any idea. No idea is too simple or too complex. As a process, we would carefully evaluate all the technical requirements and translate that into a prioritized and phased approach and development strategy. Expectations, budget and timeline are all transparent and as clearly defined as possible. Granularity with our roadmaps and project plans are intended to ensure everyone is on the same page every step of the way.

    We have been providing web development and design services for years and we’ve seen it all. No project is too large or too small for us, and we’d love to learn more about your project or idea!

    At NJ SEO, we cater to all sorts of businesses from small, medium, large and enterprise projects. We are comfortable adapting to your existing processes and try our best to compliment communication and collaboration to the point where every step of the way is as efficient as possible.

    Our projects are typically broken into 5 or 6 key "milestones" which focus heavily on the design collaboration in the early stages. We mock-up any interactive or unique page within your new website so that you get a clear picture of exactly how your design vision will be translated into a functional website.

    Using tools like Basecamp and Redpen, we try to make the process simple yet fun and effective. We will revise your vision as many times as necessary until you are 100% happy, before moving to the functional, content integration and development phases of the project.

    For the projects that are more development heavy, we make sure a considerable amount of effort is spent in the preliminary stages of project planning. We strongly believe that full transparency with a project development plan ensures that expectations are met on both sides between us and the client. We want to ensure that the project is broken into intelligent phases with accurate budgetary and timeline breakdowns.

    Approved design mock-ups get translated into a browse-ready project site where we revise again and again until you are satisfied. Client satisfaction is our lifeblood and main motivation. We aren't happy until you are.