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    NJ SEO
    Local Web Designers &WordPress Developers in NEW JERSEY
    NJ SEO is a team of Austin WordPress developers and web designers. Our ultimate goal is for your business to reach new heights and set the standard in your industry with a killer website.

    Website Design
    Our design process is user-focused to create unique & engaging experiences.

    Our process to website design follows a four step approach of:

    • Research & Strategy
    • User Experience Design (UX)
    • Prototyping & Mockups
    • Evaluate & Refine

    We start with researching and strategizing to build a solid foundation for the website's design so we know we will reach the right audience from the get-go. Second, we take that research and construct the UX (User Experience) in the form of non-interactive wireframes to give us a skeleton layout of the content and information that will be on the site. Third, we move onto interactive prototypes and visual mockups of the elements and sections to create the ideal flow of user behavior throughout the website or app. Lastly, we evaluate the concrete work alongside the goals of your business and refine everything we've done to make it perfect!
    We follow this process, all while staying user-focused and thinking mobile-first, our team follows this recipe for success while keeping in close touch with your team so we are ready to adjust, if necessary, to nevertheless set a new standard for your industry.

    What can we do?
    • Research & Strategy
    • User Experience Design (UX)
    • User Interfaces
    • Mobile-First design
    • Responsive Web design
    • Web App Design
    • Mobile App Design