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    NJ SEO
    Experience matters
    Since 1997, NJ SEO have made more than 10,000 websites. We haven’t just made one website 10,000+ times over though; we’ve spent the last 20 years honing our strategies and tactics, learning exactly what does and does not work. We’re constantly evolving to ensure our clients get the very best possible results from their site. Over this time, our websites have moved out of the category of subjectivity and into the category of objectivity. Our experience matters, and our websites are data-driven and effective.

    It can’t be called a performance website unless it’s a NJ SEO site.
    Creative writing, design, development.

    Unlike some companies, when you choose a NJ SEO website, you get the whole package. We’ll create your custom design, develop it, write your content, make sure your content is SEO rich so you’ll rank for all the right things on Google, make sure the architecture of your site complies with everything Google wants to further enhance those rankings, and much more. You don’t have to lift a finger during this process; we can do everything from go to whoa for you.

    What is SEO and why do I need it?
    SEO is what gives your website its wings; it’s what makes your website appear higher in Google (and other search engine) results, and maximizes your exposure. Without SEO, you might as well be handing your leads over to your competitors who are investing in it and ranking above you. Think about your own internet search habits; how many pages back do you go looking for something? Many people never make it beyond the first couple of pages of results, at most. That’s why SEO matters.
    Experience and expertise you can trust

    Google themselves tell us that “No one can guarantee #1 rankings on Google”. Yet there are companies out there who make this promise every day. You should file them right next to that email from the solicitor for a rich relative you’d never heard of who left you his billions.

    NJ SEO have been making websites and helping people to rank for all the right things since 1997. We lived through the bad old days when white text on a white background was common practice, and keyword stuffing was a “good” tactic. We’ve rolled with the punches as Google has evolved and changed algorithms, and we’re constantly evolving our strategies to fit.