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    Is Your Website Mobile-Ready?
    A large portion of your website traffic likely comes from mobile users on tablets or mobile phones. Websites that aren't mobile -ready won't display properly and you'll get higher bounce rates.

    If you own a brick and mortar, mobile readiness is even more important! Traffic that is truly mobile is coming from users that are out looking for you now. Google Search won't even show your website to a mobile user if your site isn't optimized. Don't get lost in the shuffle!

    Website Design
    Carve out your space online.
    Every small business needs a website. It’s true! Depending on the complexity of your business, a simple business card type website design or a full-fledged e-commerce website design is vital to connecting with your customers.

    Always Mobile-ready Responsive Design
    Your website has to be versatile for all types of users and devices. Your site users’ web experience directly reflects on how they perceive your company. So make it count! Every website I build has responsive design built in at the start.

    Wordpress Website Design WordPress Websites
    We are well-versed in designing websites on the open source WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Wordpress is a great CMS for continually building content or running a blog, membership & community websites, e-commerce websites, and more.

    First-time Website Builds
    The best time to hire an experienced web designer is at the beginning. NJ SEO can recommend domain names, hosting plans, page structure, and search engine friendly content, as well as plan and build out the final website.

    I know how overwhelming it can all seem! If you start out with an expert at the beginning, the road towards success can be much less difficult.

    Website Redesigns
    NJ SEO can also help you upgrade your current website, whether you need a redesign, content optimization, social media integration or a total overhaul. I have experience in many Content Management Systems that give the small business owner the power to decide who is maintaining their website.