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    NJ SEO

    Marketing & Web Design

    We aren’t like other web design companies or web developers. NJ SEO provides big-brand marketing skills at small business pricing. We take care of everything you need so you can get back to running your businesses and doing what you do best. Design, hosting, updates, and adapting to constantly changing search algorithms; we manage it all 24/7. Plus, we can future-proof your business as it grows and handle a smooth transition to our parent company Spade Design.

    Our Web Design is strategic and engaging so we can reach your intended audience, and convert them into leads for your business.

    Logo design, business card design, graphic design and brand consistency is key to turning your company’s success and growth.

    We use white hat SEO tactics to improve rankings, traffic, and ultimately- get your business more leads.

    • Reputation Management
    • Competition Tracker
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Local SEO
    • Mobile Responsive Website
    • Social Media Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Branding

    Our Web Design Process

    Measurements & Test Fitting
    A great tailor takes a lot of measurements and just like a great tailor, the more knowledge we have about your business, the better our solutions will be. Once you decide to get started, we will email a quick and easy questionnaire tailored to your business. When you complete it, our team will use the information to provide you with our tailored plan per the package you have chosen.

    We believe the old saying: “A great tailor is an honest one.” We will be honest about what is wrong with your Digital Marketing presence. Please remember, we’re on your side and are here to help your business succeed. The topics covered in our plans are based on the latest technological advances and will be tailored to solve your businesses’ challenges.

    When you decide which plan is a good fit, we proceed to step two.

    Create Account & Content Collection
    We don’t rely on algorithms or A.I. to “automate” the design of your tailored solution. We believe in the tried and true method of using real human beings. After all, a tailor-made suite always fits better than something pulled from the rack.

    To help us produce your bespoke site quickly while maintaining our high standards, we ask that you follow the instructions in your on boarding email promptly. You will start with opening an account and subscribing to our service.

    Within one business day, you will receive a Content Collection Request from our design team. Once you provide this information, production begins. If we have any questions about the content provided or need further information, one of our designers will contact you.

    Production & Design
    Once all content is received, it will go through our search engine optimization process. This means we will rewrite the content you provide to achieve better rankings.

    The entire design, fit, and build process may take up to 30 days.

    When your website is complete, we will send final images for your review and prepare your website to go live.

    Launching Your Website
    The process of launching your website may differ depending on your unique situation, please see below:

    • If we are registering and setting up a new domain name for you, then we will launch your website as soon as it is ready. In addition, we will send you a notification once the website is live and publicly accessible.
    • If you have an existing domain, you will point your existing domain to the website we have created for you. This will require pointing your “CNAME A Record” to the IP Address that we provide you. We will provide instructions on how to do this, but if you need more detailed instructions on how to do this then your registrar should be able to assist you. We also offer a one-time premium support option where our experts will take care of it for you, just contact us.

    Ongoing Maintenance & Updates
    Now that your website is live, you can trust us to keep it up to date with search engine algorithm changes and search engine optimization best practices. If you wish to make an update to your website’s content (such as your business hours or staff), please use the “update request instructions” for your account.

    All update requests are processed in the order they are received, and you will receive an email confirmation once it is complete.

    In the event you are in need of emergency support, you may email for assistance.